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This characteristic defines the professional qualification purpose of graduates with educational – qualification degree Master of E – governance in the professional field 5.3. Communication and computer equipment , as well as qualification requirements to their preparation.

Why choose this specialty?

This master degree prepare specialists who can manage departments and directorates in various functional areas of administration and governance and to monitor the implementation of strategic and tactical plans.

What are the entry requirements?

Students should have graduated Bachelor or Master Degree in the field of Informatics, Engineering and economic sciences. Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in English.

What do you study?

In E-Management course is compulsory to study the following disciplines: IT System Requirements and Evaluation, Project Management, PR and Research Methods in E-Government, Contemporary Research, Philosophy of Science, Knowledge Management, E-Government, Policy and Administration in Changing World and etc. The diploma project is developed in the third semester.

Opportunities for student mobility

All students can participate in the mobility program for training or practice “Erasmus” including 16 universities and over 10 companies from European Union Member States.

My realization

Specialists who have completed a master’s degree in e-management can perform management, design, science-research and pedagogical activity in the public, non-governmental and business organizations.

Masters in E-Management can work as:
designers of information systems of administrative activities;
designers of electronic services in the public administration;
consultants in the development and management of European programs and projects;
scientists involved in research in the field of administration and management;
teachers in high schools and universities.

EQD: Master
Professional qualification: Master in Electronic Management
Professional field: 5.3. Communications and computers
Mode of study: Full-time – 1.5 years
Languages: English

  • Education program type Master
  • Institution TU- Sofia
  • Department English Language Faculty of Engineering (ELFE)
  • City Sofia


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+359 2 9652447





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