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Master’s program in Industrial Engineering of English Language Faculty of Engineering (ELFE) offers a two-year training course after the acquisition of engineering undergraduate education.

Why choose this specialty?

The curriculum reflects the latest developments in engineering education in the construction of an open modular harmonized scheme which helps students to be abreast with the latest developments, objects and new promising areas. Students will be informed about the dynamic changes in engineering science and practice, as well as employers’ needs. The curriculum is based on the experience of leading European universities.

What are the entry requirements?

Bachelor or Master degree in computer science, engineering and economic sciences. Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in English.

What do you study?

In the first year of the program are taught subjects such as :
Process’ control and production automation ;
Management Systems Quality
Production management;
Distribution system management;
Developing Projects
JAVA programming and Internet applications
Inter- cultural relations
Robotics and Automation Technology
Energy and Energy Efficiency
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Organizational Behavior
Knowledge Management
The second year fully is for preparation of Students’ final year project – Master thesis

Opportunities for student mobility

All students can participate in the mobility program for training or practice “Erasmus” including 16 universities and over 10 companies from European Union Member States

My realization

Upon completion of the Master the professional opportunities are unprecedented both in Bulgaria and abroad (Belgium, Canada, Netherlands , Germany, UK and many others. In Bulgaria the leading employers of graduates ELFE are : Coca Cola Company, FESTO-Bulgaria, Honeywell Ltd., Nestle Sofia , Siemens Building technologies, all mobile operators and others.

Code ECTS:
EQD: Master
Professional qualification: Industrial Engineer
Professional field: 5.13. General engineering
Mode of study: Full-time – 1.5 years
Languages: English

  • Education program type Master
  • Institution TU- Sofia
  • Department English Language Faculty of Engineering (ELFE)
  • City Sofia


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Contact Phone

+359 2 9652447





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