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Computer Science – BSc (Hons)

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Computer Science is an exciting, challenging and dynamic discipline. Computers form an integral part of every aspect of society and modern life. New computing technologies are introduced at an enormous rate and the Computer Science field develops and changes continually and rapidly. Consequently Computer Science has evolved into a dynamic and challenging field of study.

Students in the course of their degree are exposed to the theoretical foundations in all areas of the field, gain an understanding of the principles that underlie development of systems, apply their knowledge on real life projects and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to cope with the astonishing rate of change of the specific discipline.

The curriculum is in compliance with the already established standards proposed by international Computer Societies, such as the British Computer Society (BCS). the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Graduates are well equipped to successfully follow fulfilling career paths in many diverse areas of business and academia

  • Education program type BSc
  • Institution The University of Sheffield International Faculty - CITY College
  • Department Computer Science Department
  • City Thessaloniki

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