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Automotive Engineering

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The specialty “Automotive engineering” in English –TU-Sofia, Transport Faculty builds machine engineers with deep knowledge’s in the field of automotive techniques and automotive transport. During the course of study students receive theoretical and practical knowledge’s on general engineering and also have disciplines in automotive engineering, technical exploitation and automotive repair and technology and management in auto transport.
Our graduates found their realization in public and private companies and institutes from mechanical engineering, automobile transport, science and transport management in Bulgaria and abroad. Professional direction “Transport, navigation and aviation” in Technical University-Sofia, where this specialty belongs to have the maximum score according to the Bulgarian highest school rating system of the Ministry of education and science of Bulgarian Republic.

Why choose this specialty?

Graduated students from this specialty are among the most wanted machine engineers, because of their skills and knowledge’s which allows them to find career in public and privаtе companies from manufacturing, automotive service, automobile transport, energetics, agriculture machinery, education etc.

What are the entry requirements?

Candidates and entry to the specialty is regulate from instruction for student welcome to Technical University-Sofia. Specific rules are published together with general requirements.

What do you study?
During the first four semesters of training students receive very good fundamental engineering knowledge necessary for every machine engineer:
mathematics, physics, mechanics, strength of materials, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics , hydraulics and in the field of electrotechnics, electronics, computer science etz.

During next semesters students learn a variety of special disciplines, which gives them knowledge and skills in the field of :
theory, project and construction of conventional and alternative internal combustion engines;
theory, project and construction of cars and havy duty vehicles, buses, electric and hybrid vehicles etc.
applying of modern CAD-systems in automotive techniques design;
electronic and computer automotive management systems;
logistic and logistic techniques;
technology and organization of manufacturing, technical maintenance, diagnostic and automotive technique repair.
technology and road transport organization according to acting European standards
For expanding and confirmation of theoretical knowledge’s students pass learning practices on internal combustion engines, automotive techniques and automotive techniques diagnostics.

Opportunities for student mobility

Possibilities for student mobility give up from Erasmus program and two side contracts between Transport Faculty and corresponding organizations allow students to visit during study vast number of universities and companies in Germany, France, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Turkish Republic etc.
These two side programs are with minimum duration of 3 months and have the main object- training, practice or diploma work, giving up various opportunities for professional career in Bulgaria and abroad.

My realization

Graduating students have various opportunities to work in the field of design and manufacturing, repair and operation of automotive techniques, energetic, agricultural machines, construction and mining machines, education, automotive insurance, automotive transport management etc.

EQD: Bachelor
Professional qualification: Automobile engineer
Professional field: 5.5. Transport, shipping and aviation
Mode of study: Full-time – 4 years
Languages: English

Student’s office:
MSc Mira Momchilova,
Room: 9308
Phone:+359 (2) 965-26+359 (2)

MSc Dessislava Petrova,
Room: 9308
Phone:+359 (2) 965-26+359 (2)

Dean’s office:
MSc Elena Pavlova,
Room: 9310
Phone:+359 (2) 965-2342

  • Education program type BSc
  • Institution TU- Sofia
  • Department Faculty of Transport (FT)
  • City Sofia


Contact E-mail

Contact Phone

+359 2 9652602





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