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Industrial Engineering

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Preparation of Bachalor “Industrial Engineering” Students in English Language Faculty of Engineering (ELFE) is done through a system of high quality teaching methods, aligned to teaching methods and standards of leading European Univercities.

Why choose this specialty?

The curriculum reflects the latest developments in engineering education in the construction of an open modular harmonized scheme which helps students to be abreast with the latest developments, objects and new promising areas. Students will be informed about the dynamic changes in engineering science and practice, as well as employers’ needs. The curriculum is based on the experience of leading European universities. Acquired knowledge is easily applicable in the field of management and business – Economy, Operational Research, Production and Operations Management, Human Resource Management , Financial Control and Production Strategies.

What are the entry requirements?

Bulgarian citizens and citizens of European Union Member States and European Economic area, having a certificate of secondary education can apply for students at Technical University of Sofia. Applications shall require the submission of admission documents and ranking specialties. In ranking participate only candidates who have successfully passed the exams ( tests) and / or the state matriculation examinations ( matriculation ) of the subjects provided for the majors. Specific application requirements : World recognized certificates for English or pass a test in English . Organized and election – year preparatory course in English , Mathematics and Physics.

What do you study?

In the training course study:
Engineering as major – physics, chemistry, mechanics, science and technology of materials, electronics, measurement systems and control theory and electronics industries and electric drives, automotive electrical equipment and network communication systems for process control.
Mathematics and computation – along with mathematics, computing, applied geography and engineering graphics study and CAD systems, object-oriented programming and structural finite element analysis.
Education and languages – Bulgarian and English. Industrial practice and training, technical safety.
Opportunities for student mobility.
All students can participate in the mobility program for training or practice “Erasmus” including 16 universities and over 10 companies from European Union Member States.

My realization
40% of graduates in Industrial Engineering bachelors continue their courses in master programs, and 20% continue their education abroad – Spanish, Swedish, German , American universities as well as in Denmark and the UK.

Code ECTS:
EQD: Bachelor
Professional qualification: Industrial Engineer
Professional field: 5.13. General engineering
Mode of study: Full-time – 4 years
Languages: English

Student’s office:
MSc Ekaterina Staykova,
Room: 2441
Phone:+359 (2) 965-2447

MSc Natalia Trapova,
Room: 2441
Phone:+359 (2) 965-2447

Dean’s office:
MSc Evgenia Manolova,
Room: 2507
Phone:+359 (2) 965-2618

MSc Asiya Angelova,
Room: 1106
Phone:+359 (2) 965-3337

  • Education program type BSc
  • Institution TU- Sofia
  • Department English Language Faculty of Engineering (ELFE)
  • City Sofia


Contact E-mail

Contact Phone

+359 2 9652447





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