ARRANGE-ICT is focused on identifying and recording megatrends developments as raised from market innovators in order to help HEIs follow the rapid pace of emerging industries. The major priority of ARRANGE-ICT is to enhance the quality and relevance of students’ knowledge and skills, as the project aims to support Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) to a) identify urgent technological challenges and needs of high-qualified personnel b) train high-qualified students in ICT specific topics based on the skills required in labour market c) to promote open links between Universities and industry, enhancing the relevance of higher education by supporting new ICT-based internship programs, common PhD student supervision between HEIs and industry and common Bachelor and Master theses supervision in SMEs, market and industry premises.

ARRANGE-ICT supports innovation and creativity, through partnerships and inter- and transdisciplinary approaches, and strengthening the role of higher education regionally by a) highlighting emerging , cutting-edge technologies as pinpointed by market innovators b) supporting open education and learning resources.

The aforementioned priorities will be achieved through the following actions:

The creation of an open smart job hub to foresight the skills needed, to pinpoint new job opportunities and new (employability) trends in the ICT domain under the umbrella of Zones of Innovation in Greece and Cyprus
The adaption of new educational tools and the collection of learning resources to be processed and disseminated towards the modernisation of curricula and the recommendation of new curricula for short course Digital Ed Certificates to HEIs
The promotion of business opportunities, through the online system “Smart Job Hub”, between Universities and industry by employing a minimum number of graduated students in the context of Bachelor and Master thesis. Students will be able to work in the industry partners premises towards the completion of their thesis.
The organization of ICT topic specific bootcamps to train on skills identified addressing skill gaps recorded by the Smart Job Hub
To suggest policy recommendations on rewarding mechanisms that can motivate more traditional industry / businesses and universities towards an open, entrepreneurial culture.

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